Teeth whitening

The patient reported because of unsatisfactory teeth shade and willingness to brighten them. We offered several different whitening methods. Finally, teeth whitening with the Beyond lamp was used.

The whole treatment grass about 45 minutes. The obtained effect allowed the patient to smile beautifully at her wedding and pose for wedding photos.

The Clinic also offers other methods of teeth whitening, which are selected individually to the patient’s needs and the effect that the Patient would like to achieve. In our offer, overlaying is also available.

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Root canal treatment under a microscope

The patient came to the clinic with severe toothache. After the examination, the patient’s tooth was qualified for root canal treatment.

Under the surgical microscope, the roots of the tooth were cleaned, which were then filled tightly with a special composite. The shape, color and correct functions of the tooth have been rebuilt, which perfectly contacts in the bite.

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Orthodontic treatment

The patient came to the Clinic with a malocclusion and a desire to improve the aesthetics of her smile.

After careful examination and detailed analysis of the pictures and digital models of the patient, the doctor prepared an individual treatment plan. After a detailed discussion, the patient decided to treat with an orthodontic appliance.

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